Rionge has appeared in a range of media to advocate her goals and ambitions.

Kenya "faster than America for mobile internet"

BBC News— Kenyans enjoy faster mobile internet speeds than American, Taiwanese, Irish and Swedish citizens, according to a new report by Akamai. Overall, the East African country ranks 14th of the 130 countries surveyed. Kenyan internet specialist Njeri Rionge explains to BBC Africa's David Amanor why this comes as no surprise to many in the sector. Listen.

African Dream: Njeri Rionge in Kenya

BBC— Twelve years ago, she founded East Africa's first mass-market internet service provider, Wananchi Online. It made internet connectivity affordable for the average household for the first time. Wananchi is a Swahili word meaning citizen and the company grew to become the largest internet service provider in East Africa with a network of five regional offices. Listen.

Women4Africa Speaks to Njeri Rionge

Women4Africa— Africa is the next economic frontier. 8 out of the 10 of the fastest growing economies in the world are African so clearly there is a huge opportunity ahead for family business and for existing businesses that have been around a long time. But we have to create a work culture, ensure that we have integrity in our processes and remain passionate about doing the right thing. Read more.

Lending and Borrowing

BBC— Have you ever had a loan? How easy was it to borrow money? And what was it for? Your Money is focusing this month on borrowing and lending, and we want to hear your experiences. Listen.

Parallel players

The Economist— One of the many terms Silicon Valley has bequeathed to the business world is “serial entrepreneur”, a label for those restless souls who start one business after another. Perhaps Africa can now contribute another expression: the “parallel entrepreneur”. Read more.

Africa's Most Successful Women: Njeri Rionge

Forbes— In East African business circles, few entrepreneurs shine brighter than Njeri Rionge. One of Kenya’s most successful and revered serial entrepreneurs, Rionge has co-founded multi-million dollar companies in quick succession. She co-founded Wananchi Online, a leading Internet service provider which has gone on to become East Africa's leading cable, broadband and IP (Internet-based) phone company. Read more.

Who Are The People In The Cadillac Oscars Ads--And Why?

Forbes— Njeri Rionge. Mentioned in one ad as a former hairdresser, Rionge is often called "Africa's most successful woman." She became one of Kenya's most successful entrepreneurs when she co-founded Wananchi Online, which has become East Africa's leading cable, broadband and IP phone company. Rionge also founded a handful of other digital startups. Read more.

Meet the Boss: Njeri Rionge, serial entrepreneur

How We Made it in Africa— What was your first job? It was a hairdressing job and I loved it. I had a fantastic time. It was back in the 1980s and I was earning between Ksh.3,000 and Ksh.4,000. What has had the biggest impact on your career and why? This has to be the fact that I travelled a lot. I have lived in seven countries inclusive of Kenya. I believe my travels to Greece, Italy, London, Canada, Spain and the US was impactful initially. Read more.