“I deliver above and beyond customer expectations, I work with clients to ensure satisfaction especially where the unexpected may come up.”

Sticking to her portfolio entrepreneur status, Rionge wants to solve multiple problems through her new ventures by integrating emerging technologies with her business acumen to bring efficient and effective solutions.

Njeri Rionge is the past CEO of NRBC Inc., a Canadian business advisory and investment management firm for establishing businesses in Africa. Her vast expertise includes information and communication technology, leadership and team management, African entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, fundraising and investing. Rionge’s manifesto— “Success for me is defined by increased value - not simply financial rewards” can be witnessed through her past and present work, as she continues to leave her mark on the world.

Present Companies

UpCountry Africa Fund

UpCountry Africa Fund Asset (Canada) Corp., an investment manager is determined to change the landscape of how companies on the continent are funded and supported in Africa. UpCountry Africa Fund is a closed-ended private equity fund interested in scaling businesses and building the capacity of indigenous African enterprise. Njeri Rionge believes it is time to pivot the pendulum with strong African cash flow positive brands taking center stage by scaling them across the continent to build wealth and initiate growth for stakeholders.
Get the term sheet on UpCountryAfricaFund.ca. For accredited investors only.

Past Companies

NRBC offers a range of business solutions from raising capital, capital structuring, corporate organizational development and business governance support to startups, and scaling businesses. The NRBC team consists of entrepreneurs who are passionate about supporting emerging entrepreneurs to meet the challenges of scaling African businesses. The primary goal of NRBC is to bridge the business-investor gap by identifying opportunities in the diaspora and forging synergies with respective returnees to countries on the African Continent.

Ignite Consulting Limited

Ignite believes businesses and agencies need data to function effectively in today’s environment. The team is passionate about collecting and using data to formulate new opportunities, solve critical problems and identify investment value regardless of the enterprise. The company provides a variety of products and services that offer analytics and solutions in areas that depend on data mining, engineering, logistics, training, aviation, security, intelligence and a variety of technical support systems. Clients include Ericsson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chase Bank, UN-Habitat and many more.

Ignite Consulting & Investment Limited

Ignite Consulting & Investment Limited was created to ignite human potential for personal and organisational success. The firm specialises in coaching, strategy, facilitation, organisational effectiveness, skills training and high impact workshops. Ignite satisfies the need to collaborate with the government since shared creation produces a better solution and gives the clients the best tools technology can offer leading to sound and transparent decision making. Ignite has recognized the need for knowledge, based on hard data, which moves decision making beyond the use of the anecdotal.

Ignite Summit

Having the right people, the right IT, the right contacts, and the right governance structures are all vital for a business to scale up to the next level. Ignite Summit helps entrepreneurs with finding the right resources to elevate their idea and its potential to add value to society.

The Business Lounge

Run by Insite Ltd, The Business Lounge is a business incubator created to nurture and encourage entrepreneurship in Kenya, offering workspace and networking opportunities to Nairobi’s entrepreneurs and to corporations establishing a Kenyan footprint.

Wananchi Online, aka Wananchi Group

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, now Wananchi Group is East Africa’s leading home entertainment operator. It is a fully vertically integrated media and telecoms group comprising Zuku Triple Play, Zuku DTH, Wananchi Programming Group, SImbaNet, Wananchi Telekom and iSat. Its residential services include Internet through its fibre-optic network; DTH satellite pay-TV services; and acquiring and originating programming for its own pay TV channels.